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With more than 50 percent of the user base being graduates, you must consider integrating LinkedIn advertisement services if you have decided to target consumers to leverage the potential of this skilled network through occupation, expertise, business or personal interests.

With algorithm updates and LinkedIn news, Visual Kiwi’s LinkedIn advertising agency remains well-updated, so that the company can be provided with the best possible marketing outcomes. Our experience as LinkedIn ‘s ad campaign manager enables us to strategically pick from the broad spectrum as ad formatting, and targeting capabilities of the platform helps us to produce the perfect results for your company.

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  • Advanced ad targeting

  • Up to 8 advertising campaigns

  • Up to 1 consultations per month

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  • Advanced ad targeting

  • Up to 10 advertising campaigns

  • Up to 3 consultations per month

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  • Advanced ad targeting

  • Up to 12 advertising campaigns

  • Up to 5 consultations per month

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Benefits of Using LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn ads are separate from any other social network. LinkedIn is a technical social network where people express their expertise, job roles, talents, preferences, and knowledge to the advantage of an advertiser, if the choices are appreciated by the audience.

Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising Include :

  • Targeting a specific population

  • Pool of active and Skilled Users

  • Increasing awareness

  • Promote projects and activities

How to Reach Audience with LinkedIn Advertising?

Users have multiple details on their LinkedIn pages, making it easy for you to segment your marketing campaign. Choosing an audience is vital to carry out your marketing strategies, particularly when you want your campaign to instil a sense of personalization.

How to Reach Audience with LinkedIn Advertising
  • You’ll have the potential to meet people with various traits, including :

  • Population that has a specific trait/characteristic

  • Demographics

  • Company info

  • Job

  • Matched audiences

Sponsored content

This type of advertisement would appear from posts and content from other companies and their LinkedIn links in the feed of a LinkedIn user. For the following purposes, many businesses opt for the funded material on LinkedIn :

  • Increasing traffic to a website

  • Increasing video views

Text ads

On the left, right, or top of a LinkedIn member’s feed is exactly where

these advertisements appear. The advantages of Text Advertising include :

  • Accessibility at different ratios and sizes

  • stir the audience’s interest

  • Directing visitors with a clear call to action (CTA) to your website

Sponsored InMail

Send customized messages straight via LinkedIn messenger to your prospective customers. Ideal to use this platform for :

  • Apply a customized touch to your post, using custom fields.

  • Catch the audiences directly in their messaging inbox with appropriate content

How to Measure LinkedIn Advertising Campaign Results?

To understand its efficacy and where changes are needed to optimize its productivity for long-term results, monitoring the performance of the marketing strategy is important.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager Insights

With Guidance from LinkedIn Marketing Manager, we evaluate data to boost targeting and ad innovation.

Our team will include key success metrics like views, visits, click-through-rate, cost per click, lead form opens, In-mail opens and more while reviewing data on LinkedIn. These metrics speak to our strategies about the importance of our advertising.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics plays a vital role in any social media campaign where a primary objective is to maximize the amount of traffic to the website of your company.

We analyze traffic and conversion data, such as the amount of time spent on your website, sessions powered by LinkedIn ads, form completions on your site, while evaluating data after users exit the portal to access your site.

Why Should I Hire a LinkedIn Advertising Agency?

It could be a smart decision to work with an advertising agency to help you bring your LinkedIn advertising strategy into motion, particularly if you are not familiar with this platform. A variety of advantages provided by a marketing partner at LinkedIn include :

  • Support from career educational practitioners and experience of new technologies

  • Assurance that the campaign will follow the strategies and best practices of LinkedIn

  • Clear rates and deliverables so you know just how much you’re paying for individual programmes

  • Transparent reporting on your knowledge and findings to make better choices

  • Superior communication which opens the way for discussion about the effectiveness of your campaign.

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Visual Kiwi Linkedin advertising services

Features Bronze Silver Gold
Monthly Social Ad Spend with Networks $500 to $3999
₹30,000 to ₹3,00,000
$3999 to $6999
₹3,00,000 to ₹5,00,000
₹5,00,000 to ₹7,00,000
Account Setup Fee $300
Platforms Included: Facebook & Instagram
Advance Ad Placements within Network
Initial Campaign Strategy
Ad Creation & Development
Mon-Fri Ad Monitoring
Conversion Tracking Installation
Geotargeting & Location Exclusions
Results Analysis/Reporting
Social Media Retargeting
Video Ads (Provide Video)
Custom rule based bidding
Landing Pages or Funnel Additional Charges Additional Charges Additional Charges
Consultation per month 1 3 5
Dedicated Campaign Executive
Initial campaign investment:(Two month duration) Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
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