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It’s hard to suffer from minimal search visibility, and if people don’t find your content organically, you have to push it harder through alternative channels. Take social media, for example. It should be part of your social media marketing strategy to share your content, but over-promoting a specific post is likely to annoy your audience.


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We’ve all seen this happen. One of our favorite brands or channels is pushing a new post hard so hard enough to end up dominating their feed. It’s going to stale quickly. As a result, the audience of the brand penalize the brand for over-promoting by not clicking through to view the content or simply unfollowing the brand. It is much more effective to increase website traffic by making your site more prominent in search engines. Well, is this really possible?

Increasing organic search traffic requires a lot of early work, but the rewards are long-lasting. In fact, you’ll see the results of your SEO activity 12 months down the line, long after the initial work is done.

What’s the Skyscraper Technique all about?

The technique of the skyscraper is broken down into three steps, involves:

  • Finding Link-worthy Content
  • Creating a better thing
  • Sharing what you have written

Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is all about building on the best and quality-filled content to make things somewhat better than what it was before. you’re unlikely to wonder which building is the 9th tallest in the world because all you worry is about is the tallest building, you might not be too concerned about the 8th grade content for obvious reasons.

Using the skyscraper technique is a way for you to build a taller building or build on an idea that already exists.  The skyscraper technique, however, is incredibly effective for link-building and organic search traffic.

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How Visual Kiwi Use a Skyscraper Technique to Build High Quality Backlinks?

Now that you understand the advantages of the skyscraper technique, it’s time to put it into action. These measures will help build high-quality backlinks that have a direct effect on your brand, website and business.

Check Out What’s Popular

Any content you create needs some kind of demand in order to be worth the effort. If there is no audience for your content, it doesn’t matter how good it is no one will consider reading or engaging with it.

Researching Your Competition

Once you’ve identified a topic that you’d like to build on, search for a topic in Google. Which result is the first? Let ‘s say you were going to write a post about creating effective Facebook ads.

Take a look at the top two of the links. Those are the results that Google considers most relevant of all the content that you need to beat. If these results are comparable to the tallest skyscrapers in the world that is, the best, highest quality and well-researched pieces available to your ideal audience – you know exactly how much taller you have to build your own piece.

Ask yourself, “Can this be made any better? Once you fully comprehend your competitor and the content you’re up against, pause for a moment and ask yourself, if it is possible to produce something better, If you feel it is within your capability, then it’s time to buckle up and get down the field.

Measure Your Backlinks

Your job is not done once your content starts to make backlinks. You need to remember that’s the whole aim of the skyscraper technique. You need to know where the backlinks are coming from so that you can really capitalise on your technique of skyscraper execution.

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Why Choose Visual Kiwi For Your Skyscraper Outreach Services?

Skyscraper technique is an effective way to build high-quality backlinks to your content and absolutely there is no doubt about it. Remember, backlinks are important to your SEO efforts because that’s how Google knows your website is reputable, relevant, and contains high-quality 10X content.

  • First of all, you would have to find link-worthy content
  • Then you ought to create something better than your competitors
  • And finally, share what you’ve already written.

Check out what’s popular, research the keywords and content of your competitors, and decide whether you can improve anything that’s already out there by making it longer and more compelling.