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A personalized landing page will carry the campaign to a new height. At Visual Kiwi, we have a team of experts who can help you design the ideal landing page for your company.


Visual Kiwi to help us design and bring to life a new simple interactive landing page for our supplement product.

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What is PPC?

Before we delve into depth about the landing pages, let’s quickly discuss the fundamentals of the PPC. PPC is a paid advertisement tool that helps you to hit useful leads that are of interest to your market. These advertisements appear above the organic lists at the top of the search page. PPC advertisements are perfect for catching useful leads that are interested in your company.

Why Do I Need a Landing Page for a PPC Campaign?

Implementing search engine optimization and web ads to boost traffic on your web is one thing. Converting traffic to revenue is another matter. That’s where the PPC landing page design services come into action. Landing pages persuade the user to stay and take concrete action, such as buying a product or sharing a page to other users in online communities.

How the Landing Page Leads the Audience

Without a landing page, prospective clients who click on the ad to get detail about your service will end up on your webpage. This is too much work for most people and results in very poor conversion rates. Humans appreciate continuity, and landing pages are probably the only way to do this. By the end of the day, you’re eliminating delays and distractions and streamlining your business enclosure.

How the Landing Pages Will Help You Get a Better Experience

Landing pages serve as partitions and allow you to customize unique and precisely for a variety of different types of traffic. Skilled landing page design services from Visual Kiwi will help you build natural partitions that fit smoothly for your web.

How the Landing Pages Will Help You Get a Better Experience

The two different landing pages

PPC Landing Pages

These landing pages are the deal-makers for your web advertisements or PPC campaigns. A PPC ad campaign needs a particular landing page, customized and checked to transform a strictly specified group of visitors. The landing page is the first and greatest opportunity to transform a guest from a PPC campaign to a client.

Social Media Landing Pages

These landing pages are designed to be viral in online networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. It might be an insightful blog post, a detailed resource list, or breaking news that has people talking and bringing traffic to your site. The best landing page designs can send visitors to your site for months, or even years, after they have been built.

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Key Elements For Top Landing Page Designs

The point of the landing page is to provide your audience with a more oriented experience. Your aim is to get them to purchase a product or to use a service. If you market several goods or services on your landing page, you won’t get a lot of results.

Create a Consistent Landing Page Design

If you want to build a successful landing page, you need to spend time designing your template. Not only do you want your concept to attract the eye of your customers, but you also want it to represent the identity of your company.

Create Attention-grabbing Headlines

When you press on your PPC or social media advertisement, the first thing you’ll read on your profile is the headline. If you want to have an effect on your viewers, you need to make your headline interesting.

Create Attention-grabbing Headlines

Add at least One Visual to this

Visuals have an important part to play on your landing page. They will improve attention and break up the text on your website. Visuals will also help you steer people’s attention to a section of your landing page.

Being mobile responsive

People cannot always access your landing page on personal computers. App use has become more and more common, so you need to configure your landing pages to look nice on your mobile phone.

Keep forms short

Many businesses would have forms on their landing pages to collect input from their customers. If you intend to use a form on your landing page, make it short and easy.

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