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Your business is prepared for growth by investing in voice search optimization. At Visual Kiwi, we offer data-driven voice search optimization services that maximize the flow of your revenue.


From start to finish, our experience with Visual Kiwi was nothing short of fabulous.

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What is Optimization of Voice Search?

Optimization of voice search focuses on enhancing your online exposure by winning the featured snippet. SEO voice search will also add to the bottom line by growing the web presence, making your business succeed.

What are Featured Snippets?

A featured fragment is like a clipping of a journal, or a book. It outlines particular information from an organic search query in a column, chart, or table format. The advantage of the included quotes is that they fill up what was once referred to as Location Zero. As of January 2020, Google has announced a big update that will transform what is known as position zero into position one.

Why Are Featured Snippets Important for SEO

Why Does top-of-page Real Estate Think About Voice Search?

Position one offers immense value to businesses. Why? If you win the prized featured snippet, you’ll steal important traffic away from other organic search results on an average, also while there’s a featured snippet, the first result’s click-through rate (CTR) decreases by eight per cent.

The Importance of Place One is Unmatched When it Comes to Voice Quest.

Voice assistants such as Siri, Amazon Echo and Google Assistant use the snippet feature to respond to user searches. That means you don’t show to customers who uses voice search if you’re not in place one. It is crucial to launch voice search optimization for conversational search results now with the expected growth of voice search by 2022.

What Are the Search Results for Conversation?

The product of conversational keywords or long-tail+ keywords is a conversational search result.

The “+” in long-tail+ keywords refers to the depth, or length of these keywords. A long-tail+ keyword imitates how people speak, as opposed to how they text. For this cause, optimizing voice search is a challenge for enterprises, as it allows you to reconsider your search strategy.

Why is SEO for Voice Search Important to Your Company?

With more than one billion voice searches occurring per month, it is a good decision to invest in voice search optimization. Our voice search services provide ongoing value, whether you are a brick-and – mortar shop, franchise, or eCommerce business. Yes, you heard that right!

Voice Search SEO Improves Online Visibility

In today’s online world, the search is critical to growing your business. Eighty percent of consumers and 71 percent of businesses, when looking for a new product or service, make Google, Bing and Yahoo their first stop. That’s exactly why you need to prioritize the hunt if you want to hit your target audience.

Voice Search SEO Improves Online Visibility

Speech Check SEO Raises the Rates of Conversion

With nearly 80% of Americans owning smartphones, browsing happens as on-the-go is becoming more popular among consumers. This development has tremendous benefit for local companies. Local searches, mostly conducted on mobile devices, transform 80% of the time.

SEO for Voice Search Boosts Sales

If the conversion is a sale at the shop, or an email newsletter sign-up, optimizing voice search generates money. It coordinates with your other digital marketing assets in order to achieve that.

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How Does Visual Kiwi Optimize Your Website for Voice Search?

Keyword Tests

Keyword analysis is a crucial aspect of our SEO Services for voice search. The keywords of your target demographic uses must be discovered by our staff. That way, we can develop a strategy for optimizing voice search.

While studying keywords, here are a few variables that we should include:

  • Volume
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Competition

We examine the intent of the consumer behind a keyword as well.

Content Creation

First, we move on to developing material for your voice search plan up to 400 lines. How do you think are we creating content for your company? We take a few variables into account, including your business, target audience, and targets.

Then the material is published by our copywriting staff that has expertise in professional and non-technical sectors.

On-page Optimization

We customize the web pages for search engines and consumers as part of our voice search optimization requests. Several separate functions, such as managing the photos and headings for search engines and consumers, include on-page optimization.

On-page Optimization

Featured Snippet Testing

The optimization of your voice search platform is a continuing strategy. If you are making a one-time investment in voice searching, it won’t take a rival long to snatch your featured snippet. That is why your featured snippet is constantly reviewed and optimized by our staff.

“Visual Kiwi gives me full support of monitoring and enhancing my website for almost a year now. As a result, I see more and more higher rankings for my site, and they are showing me more potential visitors. ”

Gleb Dolskiy

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SEO Consultant
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Content Consultant Expert

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Unmatchable amount of satisfaction: We are doing nothing than providing performance-driven solutions to our customers. We also provide them with a quality of service that is personal and committed to their objectives.

Data-driven strategies: We concentrate on developing personalized data-driven solutions for the company as a performance-driven organization. Our team is also committed to learning your business, so we can build a digital marketing strategy that meets the greatest goals of your business