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Are you ready to start using Instagram advertising to take your business to a whole new level? if yes you are in the right place. We need creative and sharp strategies for successful Instagram advertising.

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We intervene in your businesses and understand the factors in which you are unable to use your resources. It may hinder the well-performing Instagram campaigns. This is why we are here to help.


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As a popular Instagram advertising agency, we will affix to the date with the latest industry updates, algorithm changes, and other best practices to drive your business positively ahead and output the best possible results. We can also focus on the different stages to convince the buyer’s journey. It helps in creating awareness and helps in converting your target key audience. All these covers within your set budget.

How Instagram Advertising Helps My Business To Target Relevant Audiences

Due to the wide population of Instagram, many companies have focused on this particular social media platform. With a diverse user base, Instagram includes more than 1 billion accounts active every month.

Our agency keeps an eye to make most of your ad to reach the relevant audience and convert them into sales. It matters most to you. Analyzing the factors including location, interests, demographics, behaviors, and other essential information will help to fix the ad to meet the expectations of the exact people to reach. We are excited to work with your business each step to get deserving results that are ensured beforehand.

Figure Out Objectives For Your Instagram Ads

Before you start crafting the ideal Instagram campaign, it is necessary to keep clear with your goals including both short term and long term objectives of your work.

Coming next, we have outlined a couple of general objectives within Ads Manager to pay attention while outlining the Instagram Ads or Instagram marketing campaigns.


Although there are many objectives to come up with the desired outcome, creating more buzz about your brand helps in creating different approaches.

Whilst utilizing the reach objective, it is highly essential to reach and gain the influence of the people. It is necessary to target the people who are more considerate about buying a particular brand. So, those are the people who fall into the targeted audience category.

Brand awareness usually focuses on promoting the content and thereby reaching the individuals who might be interested in your business. It also includes the content you produce and the goods, products, and services.


It is not necessary to make your followers search you casually on social media. Instead, you can grab their attention through attractive advertisements and posts. This is where the consideration factor comes into play.

  • Traffic: One of your primary goals is to increase the traffic to your business page.
  • Video views: It is also necessary to put in the marketing efforts in increasing the number of views for your video content.
  • Post engagement: The objective encourages engagement including likes or comments on your post to interact with the audience.


When you wish to lift your sales and maximize your businesses’ revenue, then Instagram is a powerful social media platform that can help you widely. Objectives under this category mainly focus on converting people into the business. It focuses on people who are already aware of your business. It becomes a way to convert them into prospective clients.

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How Instagram Advertising Helps My Business To Target Relevant Audiences?

Instagram, is the fastest growing social media platform, undoubtedly helps your business with the essential tools to reach your desired audience. On the other hand, the same social media platform boasts many users. So, here are the ways to target the desired audience to make your move successful.

On Instagram, there are three primary types of audience to focus on.


Saved audiences include broad groupings of individuals who can be targeted based on the demographics including sex, location, age, and other general interests.


Custom audiences are the form of audiences who can be built out of the email lists.


Lookalike audiences consist of individuals who come under similar custom audience categories. They will typically share similar characteristics and interests. Hence, the name is “lookalike”.

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Instagram Advertising

Any businesses using the Instagram advertising option have to ensure whether they cover their bases to establish their presence on the platform. Several mandatory requirements for any company to come up with the visibility on social media are enlisted below,

Business Profile: A brief yet clear introduction about the company and its products is necessary. It will reflect key information about your business to your audience.

Superior Visuals: High-quality and persuasive photos will always leave a special place in the audience’s mind. It will help in reaching the followers easily with the highest level of success. Since Instagram is a visual-based platform, it becomes a crucial requirement for a successful marketing campaign.

Ad sizing: Images crafted for Instagram must fit in their size both in the feed and in the stories. If not, it will become a critical factor for success. Using the proper ratio and resolution to present your images is a great way to keep your quality perfect in reaching the number of audiences.

Copy: Content written with intent and purpose is key. It must be readable, easy to adapt with the appropriate tone, and easy to influence your followers to take prior action.

Budget: A budget is always essential for Instagram. Before indulging in Instagram ads, it is advisable to get an idea of what your business should set on ads. Also, review the average Instagram advertising costs.

Instagram Advertising Formats

We will always help you to find the best ad format that suits your business for an Instagram marketing campaign. When you are supposed to market on this platform, luckily you will have more advertising options that will help you to fulfill your social media goals. The ad formats you can use in Instagram includes,

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Carousel
  • Stories

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Why Should I Use an Instagram Advertising Agency?

Hiring an Instagram advertising agency will assist you to develop a social media strategy. It will be an excellent choice to differentiate a subpar and a successful marketing campaign.

What to Keep in Mind While Choosing an Instagram Advertising Agency

One of the important factors to look at in an Instagram agency is transparency. Irrespective of the company’s size or budget, it is necessary to pair up with a firm that will offer consistent pricing and top services when you fit within your Instagram advertising budget.

It is a crucial thing to evaluate the aptitude of a social media marketing team. Does the agency come up with professional marketers on track? Why professional marketers? This is because they are the resource to produce marketing material effectively.

Visual Kiwi Masters Instagram Advertising Services

Are you in the plan to advertise your business on Instagram? If yes, then we are here to help!!

At Visual Kiwi, the social media experts will help you to craft an amazing Instagram advertising strategy to build a competitive edge. Apart from this, we will provide you with transparency and continuous support throughout your social media advertising journey with us.

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