The landing pages play a vital role in today’s online business. Publishing new blog posts alone cannot help you to attract new business, but you need to capture those readers. Landing pages (LPs) are a wise and efficient choice to obtain the email addresses of several people. The converting rates of these pages differ to a greater extent than blog posts or other general pages.

The non-optimized page conversion rate is about 5-15 percent, but the optimized convert at 30 percent or above. The percentage is achievable when you choose the right landing page tools that suit the target audience. Failure at this step wastes all your effort to obtain the reader’s initial clicks.

Building LPs are now made easy with a plethora of tools available in the market. They have different approaches to achieve the same goal.

The article highlights the top 5 tools to build a high Converting Landing Page. 


It is the most effective and widely used Converting Landing Page builder tool where the visitors convert instead of bouncing. Unbounce has a simple drag-and-drop editor feature that helps you to bring in several elements like text, images, or videos. You can also build pages on a blank canvas.


The page integration with tools like Mailchimp, Hubspot, and many others helps to process the leads earned through social media campaigns.

Landing pages created with Unbounce has a high response rate on mobiles, which is significant as mobile browsing has become more popular today. Pages with low mobile responsive rates face a dip in conversion rates. The visitors view the page as expected for both laptops and mobile devices.

Any content builder function needs data, so most of the LPs are designed to collect information (lead generation pages) from the buyers. Conduct A/B testing to seek what works the best for you in conversion.


It is the most popular LP builder today. Instapage is cost-effective and provides similar features that many other big companies have to offer. The drag-and-drop and editing features of the desired elements are now simple, with just a few clicks.

The tool provides 200+ customizable templates for your social media campaigns. Besides, you have access to millions of Bigstock images that is available on purchase.


The Instapage helps you build pages that have high mobile response rates. The tool tracks how people scroll through your page, which aids your CTA button placements at appropriate locations that enhance the conversion.

The “Custom Domain” options help to integrate your domain with your Instapage account that helps with direct LPs publishings to your website. It is a smart choice for a small budget.


This Converting Landing Page creator tool is popular among internet marketers today. It is the widely used software by several top bloggers.

They have a template collection that is sortable by conversion rates, which makes it the best among the rest. The templates cost $10-15 each. LeadPages provides a great collection of high-quality LP templates at an extra cost. The marketing investment offers increased lead generations for your business.

The page builder has an analytics section that helps you to split test landing pages to examine their performance.


“Leadbox” is a pop-up type that exists in all LeadPage accounts (except the basic one). The pop-ups display when the visitor clicks a link on the blog post, a handy feature not only for content upgrades but also for LPs.

Hello Bar

The tool has benefited thousands of businesses that possess websites by collecting emails and displaying customized messages with this LP builder tool.

The Hello Bar is a thin bar that is visible at the top of your website. It bolsters your email marketing efforts to convert blog post subscribers into leads.

The tool helps you place the links to your LP across the site with an attractive CTA button. The process drives extra traffic to your page with much less effort.

Any product or service discount updates are done quickly without editing the entire sales LP copy. It is more of a lead generation tool in addition to an LP builder.

You can input your domain name in the homepage text box to create a hello bar to your site for free. You can choose the type “show an announcement” or “collect email” option since it is for the LP.

The editor is user friendly. You need to enter some information for the bar provided in the respective fields. Lastly, you can click the “save and publish” button to choose your standard installation option(s).


It creates “coming soon” landing pages. The startups who are going to launch their businesses use this tool to gauge the attention in an upcoming product.

Landrock is a simple LP tool, which allows you to pick a theme and edit your message. The attractive feature of this tool is the pricing, which makes it value for money. It best suits one-time event LPs.


The above-profiled information highlights the significance of choosing the appropriate landing page builder tool for your business. Apart from the few mentioned above, there are several other available in the market. The option depends upon your marketing requirements. A reputed digital marketing agency like Visual Kiwi is aware of the knacks of acquiring lead generation for clients business with efficient custom landing pages.

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