Guest posting is a high-quality method of establishing yourself as a reliable brand on the internet. It is the act of publishing content for other websites. Of course, it helps the website as it gets to deliver quality content often varied from their typical content style. But does it help the guest bloggers? Yes. The guest bloggers can attract more traffic to their website through the links they add to the guest post and also establish a good relationship with peers in the industry.

Guest posting is a mutual relationship between the guest writers and the websites they write for. In this article, we discuss 7 guest posting tips that we learned from Failing Thousands of Times.

Be Careful With Your Selection

A guest writer wants the right website to publish their content, and a website wants quality guest bloggers to write for them. If you make the wrong choices, you are going to regret it. If you allow a guest writer to write spammy content on your website, it could harm your reputation and authority. Analyze the domain authority, content quality, and the number of followers of the guest blogger before you approve their request to write for you.

Be Careful With Your Selection

As a guest writer, be careful to not approach a random website and write for them. Choose a website that belongs to the same niche that you have expertise in. Analyze the quality of content that the website publishes and its reputation as a brand. If you are happy with all that, then go ahead with writing for them.

Focus Less On Marketing And More On Education

When you publish content of guest bloggers on your website, make sure that the key purpose of the post is educating your audience and not selling yourself. If the guest posts look like a marketing copy, the audience is likely to lose interest in it. Discuss how you want the posts to sound like before you ask a guest writer to write for you.

As a guest writer, always bear in mind that the website wants you to write for them because they are looking for a fresh perspective on their industry-related topics. The website would already be maintaining a digital marketing team and they are not expecting you to deliver content with marketing as the key focus. You are expected to write quality research-backed content that educates the audience and do not worry about the marketing headwork.

Aim For Better Search Engine Rankings Without Compromising On Quality

Improved search rankings are not of much worth if the content you deliver is of low quality. Search engine ranking algorithms prioritize keyword density, and content-rich in keywords is likely to help your website rank better. But ranking is not of much use if the content you deliver is simply a repository of keywords and links without any quality information. The readers will skim over the blog and will look for some other website. Your guest posts can include relevant keywords and links but the quality should never be compromised.

If you are a writer writing guest posts for websites, make sure your post is SEO-friendly and informative. Adding a few relevant keywords would be enough and don’t go overboard by stuffing keywords at all places.

Reach On The Internet Is Important

When choosing guest writers, website owners have to see if the writers have a stable follower population on various platforms on the internet. See how their earlier writings were perceived by the internet audience, how many shares and likes their posts got, and how effectively they use social media to promote their content. Likewise, when they initiate a conversation with you expressing their interest in writing for you, see if they have done any research about your business. Proceed only if you feel confident about the writer.

Writers choose to guest blog to increase the reach of their content and establish themselves as a brand. If you write for a website that does not have a fairly large audience and has got very few shares and likes on the previously published posts, it is not going to help you much. Instead, you have to choose a quality website with a good reach on the internet.

The next 3 tips are provided for guest writers.

Write On Topics That Align With Your Business Goals

We have seen many writers pitching for a guest post slot even if the content they deliver does not align with their business goals. They are too busy focusing on their content getting published that they often look down upon the importance of using their content to serve their business goals.

As a guest blogger, choose topics that are relevant to your business and pick reputed websites related to your area of expertise.

Focus On Guest Posting Outreach

Develop a failsafe guest posting outreach strategy and give immense importance to the selection of topics. Before starting to write for a website, study its guest posting guidelines. Select a relevant topic that is within your area of expertise and see if the website you are planning to pitch to already ranks for that topic.

Experts stress the importance of doing your research before pitching a guest post idea to a website. Browse through the website and find out if there are any topics (relevant to their industry) that they haven’t covered yet. If possible, choose one of them and create your pitch complying with the website’s guest posting guidelines.

Here are a few advanced queries to find these higher-quality guest post targets (just type them into Google):

  • [Keyword] “guest post by”
  • [Keyword] “guest post written by”
  • [Keyword] “guest author today”
  • [Keyword] “my guest posts”
  • [Keyword] “places I’ve guest posted”
  • [Keyword] “this is a guest post by”
  • [Keyword] “guest article”
  • [Keyword] “the following guest post”
Focus On Guest Posting Outreach

Measure Your Progress

The reach that your guest post gained and the contribution it has made to the overall ranking of the website have to be analyzed. This way you get a better idea of the areas you need to work on. Various SEO tools are available to track different metrics associated with the performance of the website.

If you are on the lookout for a guest post service, do some research on the quality of their content and their authenticity.



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