Do you want to increase your site visibility and rank higher on Google and other search engines? Well, we hear you say it is easy said than done. Not anymore and, we mean it, there are doorways for the milestone achievement through Guest Posts or Niche Edits (aka Curated Link Outreach).

Today, the hot debates on the topic make it worthy of formal deliberations, which sheds limelight on the vital aspects of the two.

The key takeaways of the article are annexed below,

  1. What do Guest Post and Niche Edits mean?
  2. The benefits they encompass
  3. Comparative analysis
  4. Parting off with one option (does not mean that the other is best, but it has some specific add-ons missing in the parted one)

Without any further pause, let’s start digging into the discussion.

The Basic Know-About of the Guest Post Outreach Follows,

The article(s) written on a third-party blog is guest blogging, and the person who does it is a guest author. Guest posts are a valuable tool for brand marketing efforts because people trust blogs or sites with multiple authors.

The Do’s of Guest Posting

  • It must be well-curated content that satisfies search engines and people.
  • Don’t beat around the bush, be on-topic, and bang on to provide the information to the audience.
  • The content should be shareable on social media.
  • Place appropriate and helpful external links.
  • Be selective of the sites where the content is published, don’t post your content on an overcrowded guest post site.

The guest post service providers are aware of the above and help you realize your rankings. We, Visual Kiwi, one of the best guest post service providers, are here to help you with the dos.

Our Process

We look for relevant blogs for publishing guest post content, and along with content ideas and contribution of ours and theirs, we will pitch to their blog editors.

  • Reverse Relevancy Terms: best, wireless, headset, adults.
  • Guest Post Title: What are the best headsets for adults?

The method gives you the advantage of integrating the target keyword(s) within the title and post.

The process ensures that the content is on-air on a hyper-relevant website. Placing backlinks to your site increases more original and fresh content updates frequently. We firmly adhere to the conventional strategy of increasing outreach by placing the client’s target URL on relevant sites and track the orders received.

The Basic Know-About of Niche Edits is,

 The link building strategy places the contextual link into an existing blog or a website page. The contextual links are customarily the clickable keywords found within the webpage content.

Significance of Niche Edits

The form is gaining popularity as you get genuine backlinks from sites that are already indexed and ranked by Google. Immediate results are possible if the website content is relevant to yours. Niche edits drive targeted traffic to your site. Moreover, Webmasters allow editing an existing post as you are not posting new articles on their site.

Our Process

Visual Kiwi deploys outreach strategies similar to that of guest post links, which makes us find efficient sites that wish to feature you. We request for space not to place articles but to place links in the existing post. Visual Kiwi uses Niche Edits to find a relevant page to the targeted URL by keyword research on the same targeted site. If there are multiple relevant articles, we will deploy more internal and external links going to that specific page.

An Instance of Niche Edit

  • Keyword: best headsets for adults

  • Niche Edit: Page Relevance: best headsets
  • Guest Post: Page Relevance: best + headsets + for + adults


In short, Niche edits are a cheaper option as it not necessary to create content from scratch, whereby saves a lot of money and time and renders increased ROIs.

Comparative Analysis - Guest Post Outreach and Niche Edits

Comparative Analysis

With the Guest Post, you can,

  • Insert the main keywords in the article title.
  • Place your links inside a new article.
  • Get traffic if the content is genuine and relevant.
  • Have no chance to witness immediate results as Google will index it before it goes online.
  • Get only less number of authority sites to post.
  • Be expected to spend more time and money.

With the Niche Edits, you can,

  • Get immediate results as the insertion of the link is done on already indexed pages or posts with proven traffic and hence guarantees high ROI.
  • Be expected to spend less as the process does not require content conception from scratch.
  • Be accepted by more number of authority sites in comparison to guest posts.
  • Have zero possibilities of altering the article title.

Time to Wrap Up

Visual Kiwi recommends the use of Guest Post since Niche Edits has a lower relevancy rate. If you wish to rank with some specific set of keywords, then we highly suggest the Guest Post option. However, Niche Edits is the best supporting tool for building cost-effective solutions on your website.

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