Facebook Advertising Services for Your Business

Facebook advertising services will help in lifting your business thereby building its online followers, increasing brand awareness, and improving the lead generation process too.

It helps in revenue-driving factors too. With the help of the world’s biggest social media network, your company will achieve its benefits without any lag.

At visual kiwi, we tend to provide Facebook ad management services to help your business to take advantage of Facebook. We widely spread our services tying up with a single solution to Facebook advertising that starts from creating unique strategies for ad creation to launch your ads and monitor their performance.

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Explore Facebook advertising service plans


  • Advanced ad targeting

  • Up to 8 advertising campaigns

  • Up to 1 consultations per month


  • Advanced ad targeting

  • Up to 10 advertising campaigns

  • Up to 3 consultations per month


  • Advanced ad targeting

  • Up to 12 advertising campaigns

  • Up to 5 consultations per month

Why is using Facebook Advertising Services Important?

Facebook advertising diversely helps in providing different benefits. They are,

  • Accessing the most active and wide social media platform

  • Getting competitive cost per click.

  • Creating targeted ads to grab your target audience

  • Earning qualified leads.

  • Remarketing ads to reconnect the website visitors/customers

  • Directing valuable traffic from social media to your website

When you indulge in using Facebook ad management services, you will also have to consider these advantages.

  • Competitive strategies on the basis of years of experience

  • Insightful competitor knowledge to enhance your campaign to a successful path

  • Transparent reporting to your team and to improve your strategy

Visual Kiwi, your Facebook Ad services providers, will provide you a strategic solution to deliver effective messaging to the users. They will be the most receptive to receive it and at the same time, it will be reflected among your audience as well!! We will work with you to define your audiences and find a strategy that works well to reach the target audience.

Facebook Ad services providers

With us, your business will encounter several benefits and can attain the ambitious goals fixed for social media.

Our social media specialists will directly work with you to help to come up with the creation, targeting, and monitoring process. It will ensure to satisfy your needs at every step of your way. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we are well-known to advertise on Facebook.

What Companies Need Facebook Ad Management Services?

Are you unsure about whether to invest in Facebook ad management services? if yes, then working with a Facebook ad management services will become an excellent option if you wish to,

  • Improve your brand awareness via Facebook

  • Save time on business marketing on Facebook

  • Increase clarity on advertising on Facebook, scaling campaigns, and measuring results

  • Get advice from Facebook advertising experts

  • Compete with the competitors with smart ideas

  • Optimize ad clicks, spend and conversions

  • Engaging in successful Facebook advertising campaigns

  • Resolve plateaus in Facebook ad performance

What do Facebook Ad Services include?

At Visual Kiwi, our Facebook ad Services will provide an enormous benefit and a handy solution for all Facebook advertisements.

Coming to our services, your company will receive the following deliverables monthly,

  • 4 unique and Creative Ads

  • Up to 2 advertising campaigns

  • Up to 1 personal consultation

In addition to the above list, the Facebook ad management services also provide,

  • Dedicated social media specialist

  • Custom Facebook Advertising Strategy

  • Mobile-friendly Facebook ads

  • Demographic targeting

  • Facebook advertising account setup and optimization

  • 48 Business hour response time

And more!!

What Metrics Come Under Facebook Ad Services Measurement?

Visual Kiwi handles several measures to analyze the results from Facebook ads. We also evaluate the data based on the Facebook ads manager, Google Analytics,

Network Performance always refers to the results generated from the Facebook ads. The key performance indicators for this platform include impressions, reach, engagements, cost per click, click-through rate, and clicks.

On the other site, site performance refers to the data retrieved from your Facebook ads in terms of traffic to your website. The key performance indicators for site performance include sessions, bounce rate, average time on page, page views, goal completions, and purchases.

Besides, our Facebook ad experts will help you to know more about the key performance indicators and help you to analyze your campaign results to optimize and improve performance.


Key performance indicators vary slightly and there will be a difference in weight age of your Facebook advertising goals. Still, there are standard metrics that will help you to apply on any sort of campaign. They are,

  • Impressions

  • Reach

  • Results i.e. clicks, views, post engagements, conversions, etc.

  • Cost per result

  • Result rate i.e. click-through rate, conversion rate

With the help of the Facebook Ads Manager, Visual Kiwi will install, or optimize the Facebook Pixel. The Facebook Pixel is nothing but the factor that provides more insights and measurements to Facebook advertising by tracking visitors to the site. It also helps in analyzing their behavior as well.

Facebook Pixel, a small code has been added to the header of each page in your site. It will help in tracking the number of website visitors not only from Facebook. It also keeps track of the pages they view and the actions they take.

Facebook Pixels also enables the advertisers to re-market, track, and measure the website visitors, leads, and sales over it. It also helps in optimizing the campaigns for valuable outputs.


When a Facebook advertising strategy helps in driving and increasing our website traffic, Google Analytics will awake and measure your performance.

Visual Kiwi‘s Facebook advertising team will analyze what directs the visitors to your website from Facebook. Some important questions include,

  • What is the duration time of the visitors on your site?

  • What are the pages viewed and the number of visitors on the current page?

  • How many new visitors to your site?

  • What is the bounce rate for your site?

Analyzing information from Google Analytics will combine alongside on-network performance. Both factors are used whilst optimizing your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Which Ad Format do Facebook Ad Services Include?

Visual Kiwi will work closely with you and come up with the best type of ad format that suits your Facebook advertising campaign. We will use all the available Facebook ad formats with our Facebook ad services.

Advertising elements to apply in the ad campaign types are copy, tone, call-to-actions, and media. These elements have been set to the foundation of different formats. To maximize the formats in your campaign, it is essential to have strong elements here.

Which Ad Format do Facebook Ad Services Include

Ad formats include,

Single Image Ads

Includes a link to your website with a single image, headline, copy, link description and call-to-action

It is most commonly used in traffic or conversion campaign


It includes a photo and copy

It can also be used in post engagement or campaigns to create awareness


It includes a video in your ad

It can be used as an aid in the post engagement campaign that too without any destination link or forwarded conversions. The video will also eliminate the conversion campaigns including the headline, description, and call-to-action below the video.


It helps in combining multiple photos with call-to-action, with its headline and description

It is most commonly used in the traffic and conversion campaigns


Canvas can be used in any sort of ad with the destination

Canvas is similar to the landing page within the Facebook

It combines videos, text, photos, buttons, and more to create a mini-landing page for your ad to share overwhelming information that does not fit in your newsfeed.


With the help of Facebook Catalog, the expert can promote multiple products in a Carousel or collection format.

What Are the Objectives of Facebook Ad Services?

Visual Kiwi never fails in understanding the businesses and comes up with a unique goal for a Facebook advertising campaign. Starting from brand awareness to conversions, Facebook advertising will provide objectives at the entry-level of the sales or direct to the conversion funnel.


Are you in search of new customers or in an idea to broaden our brand or business? If yes, then the awareness level will be a great fit for your campaign.

For instance, let us consider a law firm that wishes to use Facebook advertising to reach people with an active interest in the law firm’s services. Any individual in recent days may come across the lawyers’ Facebook ads because of their recent interest in finding a lawyer to represent them.

In the awareness level, the Facebook ad marketing services come up with two objectives namely, Brand awareness and Reach.

Both objectives will relate to the awareness of your business. But they differ in the enlisted things.

The brand awareness objective’s goal is to reach the people who turn up showing interest in your brand, your product, or your services.

The reach objective’s goal is to reach the maximum number of the target audience

What Are the Objectives of Facebook Ad Services


Consideration objective for your Facebook ad is important to drive people as per the conversion funnel.

If you wish to grab the visitor to watch your video, the objective here is to make the user take an action to do that. This is a step beyond the awareness level and thus encourages them to interact, watch, click, or engage!! The objective includes traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, and Messages


The objective is quite straightforward and it helps in driving more traffic to your website


The engagement objective comes under three options namely,

  • Post engagement : a way to get more post engagement on your Facebook content
  • Page likes : Increase your Facebook page likes

  • Event responses : Increase the number of people responding to a Facebook event

App Installs

The objective is quite useful if your business has an app that helps in attracting more customers.

Video Views

The video views objective will help in increasing the views of your video content.

Lead generation

The lead generation objective can drive more sales leads with the help of collecting the email ids and other essential information.


With the objective of the message, it is important to start more conversations with your target audience.


Can we use Facebook to contribute to the bottom line of your business? Of course, Facebook offers three objectives to drive conversions to your site.

The objectives enlisted are best utilized whilst targeting warm audiences. Warm audiences are the users who have been familiar with your business. Objectives in the Awareness and Consideration stages will help in triggering up the fuel and leading to larger audiences along with conversions through conversion campaigns.

Conversions : It helps in driving valuable actions on your website including purchase, quotes, forms, and downloads.

Catalogue Sales : it helps in driving sales of the products included in the Facebook Product catalogue. The objective mainly returns more benefits for e-commerce stores only.

Store visits : It helps in driving in-store location visits. The objective will help businesses to grab an audience to their physical stores. The objective goes alongside the Facebook locations that means that you will own a Facebook Business Manager account and Facebook has approved you to use the feature.

What Targeting Has Been Used by Facebook Ad Services?

Facebook advertising provides an immense opportunity to target large and wide audiences depending on the goals of a Facebook advertising campaign.

Facebook provides three main types of audiences that have been used by our Facebook ad services. They are,

  • Saved Audiences – Typically a broad audience

  • Custom Audiences – Typically a very specific audience

  • Lookalike Audiences – Typically a broad audience

Saved audiences will include demographics, location, age, gender, interests, and behavior as well. Facebook advertisers will come up to use different identifiers and characteristics. It helps in creating audiences based on the information about their target audience.

Custom audiences allow Facebook advertisers to leverage the data and interactions from the websites and the Facebook pages. The audiences are listed based upon the website traffic, existing customer lists, or users who will engage with you on Facebook or who have turned positive in watching your video.

Facebook advertisers will bind with custom audiences in the process of re-marketing campaigns to keep current customers updated with your products that help in our conversion or sales journey. Facebook advertisers can layer up any one of the identifiers available in the saved audience.

Lookalike audiences are the sort of audiences who are similar to the users of your saved or custom audiences. They may share the same interests, demographics, and behaviors resembling the audiences you select to match with.

Facebook advertisers will layer on any of the identifiers of the saved audiences to custom and lookalike audiences.

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Visual Kiwi Facebook Advertising Pricing

Features Bronze Silver Gold
Monthly Social Ad Spend with Networks $500 to $3999
₹30,000 to ₹3,00,000
$3999 to $6999
₹3,00,000 to ₹5,00,000
₹5,00,000 to ₹7,00,000
Account Setup Fee $300
Platforms Included: Facebook & Instagram
Advance Ad Placements within Network
Initial Campaign Strategy
Ad Creation & Development
Mon-Fri Ad Monitoring
Conversion Tracking Installation
Geotargeting & Location Exclusions
Results Analysis/Reporting
Social Media Retargeting
Video Ads (Provide Video)
Custom rule based bidding
Landing Pages or Funnel Additional Charges Additional Charges Additional Charges
Consultation per month 1 3 5
Dedicated Campaign Executive
Initial campaign investment: (Two month duration) Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Need more information? Call Us:
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Time to Start Up with Facebook Advertising Services

Are you interested in starting a Facebook advertising campaign with Visual Kiwi?

Our Visual Kiwi Facebook advertising experts will create your strategy and continually analyze and optimize the campaigns and transparently report on the results as well.

Visual Kiwi works with the Facebook advertising representative to gain support and insights to cope up with the latest features from Facebook directly.

If you are further delighted to know more or get started with our Facebook advertising services, reach our team of strategists today!!

Visual Kiwi gives you the key to reach many people and turn them into your target audience.

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