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Not just this, a candid conversation with the founder and chief of SEO Nerd, a digital marketing agency – Mr. Michael Friedberg was fun though. The conversation was about the voice search taking over the world of digital marketing. The detailed conversation about how things work with the voice searches these days and how it would work in the future gave the viewers of the visual kiwi podcast a lot of inputs. All the digital marketing agencies and enthusiasts out there that are interested in knowing more about the world of voice search should take a look at this overview below.

Before we move on to the overview of the podcast, we must understand that voice search has been a redefining mechanism these days when it comes to the process of online shopping, people are more into digital assistants like Google assistants, Siri, and Alexa. According to the statistics, 1.18 million smart speakers are being used across the household of the USA, also by 2018 18 million voice-based devices have been in use. It seems by the end of 2020 people will be more into voice base searches rather than keyword searches. Based on this information a few questions were put forth in front of Mr. Michael Friedberg and it was our pleasure listening to him answer our questions.

How does google learn to recognize our voice and habits?

Any voice-based device or a chatbot like Siri is trained to recognize your voice and understand what your requirements are by the question you pose during your search. Accordingly, the local results that are relevant to you are published or the FAQs that match your question from a website are published. So, these devices learn to recognize your voice and fit into your requirement.

Why do you think voice search is getting better day by day?

The increasing level of requirements of the people and the need to get the job done easier is pushing the voice search mechanism to get better day by day. Convenience is an important aspect here. You could be driving; you could be cooking but this search mechanism does not require you to use the keypad and type what you need. You just have to spell it out and here are the results that you require. So, the need for the voice search mechanism to get better day by day is helping it adapt to people’s requirements and be better. Also don’t we all like hand-free devices. You don’t have to do anything physically but the job is done. I have 2 devices at home. Is it probably listening to us right now (laughs)?

 So, is it making your lifestyle easier?

Yes, it does make your lifestyle easier. You just have to ask and there is your answer. It talks back to you through a way of providing a solution and yes that makes it easier.

Why do people love more voice-based searches? is it because they are lazy?

Yes, people are lazy. There is a saying “people like to follow the path of least resistance”. Nobody wants to work harder. Even to cut the grass you don’t use any manual technique because we have got automated.

It does make our lifestyle better but does it make us better as a person?

No, it does not make us a better person, because we are not designed that way. Working less makes us less efficient and weak.

How do we use our conversational language for voice search? How does the whole mechanism work?

Google has the capacity to update itself according to what people would want to convey. Google is smart enough to understand the cultural differences that might lead to significant differences in the way people convey things.

Throughout the conversation with mike, we got to understand the different twists and turns the voice base search would take in the future. According to him, the traditional search would perish soon in the near future.

What about your on-page practice for voice search as a digital marketing agency that deals with various tools?

I recommend you to provide as much data as possible in the articles that you write on your website. Users usually ask questions. For example, “what are some best cross fits near me?” and then they expect a short answer to that question. So here, data plays the main role in helping people find what they want. Also, Google loves numbers, so if you gather some data and make a graph, they are going to love you and promote you more than everybody else. I have followed these strategies personally and ranked certain pages above the pages that are multi-billion-dollar corporations in America. So, if you add data to your page, they will promote that data for voice search also I recommend you have an FAQ on your page if you don’t have FAQ’s the chances of you popping up are very less because it is a voice search and they would want pages that have questions and answers.

As a digital marketing agency, if we were to deal with the hospitality industry like salons and restaurants, what kind of voice search SEO links, and optimization do we do?

When it is about restaurants, salons, and stuff then definitely they are going to look at aspects such as customer reviews, also you have to be in the particular vicinity where the searcher is seeking results. For example, when a searcher searches the best hotels in Mexico, you have to be in Mexico to be able to pop up and then you have to have good ratings, and comments also you have to be verified.

How do you find and refine keywords for voice search technology?

All you have to do is add the “who, what, where, and when” that is what people are going to include in their searches. They are going to ask you a question like “hey google, what is this hey google what is that?” before we used to do keyword stuffing that’s how the algorithm wanted back then, but we know that the keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore. Google now is smarter than they were, they need really good content. As Google changes, we need to change too. So the best thing to do is to just add some FAQ’s and include different types of queries that would help you pop up as the searches search for something particular. Try doing 10 FAQ’s for a day, after a month you would have 300+ FAQ’s and Google is going to love you for that and give you higher chances of popping among the search results.

How do you classify tags and organize the keywords?

I use SEO nerd. I have a big database of similar keywords, so you can type any keyword and you can get around 500 results and I give you the volume. You can do your keyword research like that. I make sure that the keywords make sense to the business that I am promoting. So, they have to be relevant, because you don’t want bad traffic on your website. I would want 50 people looking for SEO tools on my website rather than having a million people come into my website looking for something that I don’t offer. That is a total waste of time to the people as well. Hence, it is very important for the keywords to be relevant.

how do you decide on the kind of voice search-friendly content that you have to create for the client?

When it comes to SEO you have to satisfy the user and the search engine parallelly. The search engine has been getting much better over the years and has started to act as a whole human being. So, you have to make the content more interesting because google wants articles that are relevant. it is important you make the content interesting so that the users are forced to sit and read your content. How long people stay on your website is very much included in the algorithm. If the bounce rate is high then you are not going to get through. So, make a good article that includes pictures, infographics, and some real-time data to pull people. There is no shortcut to it and this is how people are going to come and read your stuff.

Is local listing important for voice search? What would you suggest to the digital marketing agencies out there?

Yes, it is. Absolutely. People usually search for things near them. Very rarely do they search for something outside their locality.

Conversation with Michael Friedberg was an energy capsule to all of those that enjoyed listening to this episode of the visual kiwi podcast. His suggestions and ideas are creative yet logical. Well, by the end of 2020 most of the households are expected to be having a voice-based device since people prefer their routine to be much easier. Responding to this new change and appreciating the expectations of searchers and the search engine it is necessary we make content accordingly.

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