Today local businesses adapt to different marketing strategies for online branding. The customers use Google (GE) to locate any local businesses available near them. A majority of local intent searches result in conversions.

The following are some of the questions that pop up in our mind,

How to attain the attention of local searches on Google?

How to move ahead of competitors in the searches?

How to generate more business?

How to acquire the above three for free?

The answers to the above questions are the use of GE Maps listing as a marketing tool for your business.

The maps listing should have strong visibility to reap the maximum benefits of GE maps. One has to remember that a mere listing in an area does not assure top GE rankings.

Proximity is one of the key factors that GE considers when ranking business listings. There are several other strategies to rank higher in GE Maps listings, which are annexed below.

Defining Google Maps Marketing

It is the process of optimizing your brand’s online presence in GE Maps to increase the brand’s online visibility.

Defining Google Maps Marketing

Why Higher Rankings on Google Maps in 2020 Significant?

GE Maps is the most preferred form of navigation by consumers. They don’t go deep down the search results hence GE Maps listing optimizations help your business to display up first for relevant searches.

The consumers end up on GE Maps business listings through keyword searches and, optimizing these keywords helps you to rank higher on Google maps.

GE search engine displays the top three Google Maps listings in the regular search results. The searches on Google having local intent end up in “Local 3-Pack”, which enhances the visibility of your business.

The activity done to rank higher, in turn, improve the quality of your listing and adds on several ways for consumer engagement with your business.

How to Rank Higher on Google Maps Business Listing

The on-listing and off-listing optimizations help to rank higher on Google Maps business listings. The first step is to get listed on Google maps and claim it.

Adding your business to Google Maps

The following steps help to add your business to GE Maps,

  • Type in or click the Google Maps app on your smartphone and look for your business name.
  • If the name appears in the drop-down menu along with a location, then your listing exists.
  • If it does not appear, select the “add a missing place” option in the drop menu.
  • On clicking that option, Google prompts you to provide your name, category, and location.

GE is a free platform, and hence anyone can add a business to GE maps, so check for the existence of a business listing. Claiming the business listing on Google maps allows you to have control over that listing, while others do not have it.

How to Claim your Google Maps Business Listing

Claiming your business listing allows you to rank higher on Google maps. The reason is that you provide details of your business during the claiming process. More informative business listings have chances of higher rankings on GE Maps.

How to Claim your Google Maps Business Listing

The only pre-requisite to claim your business listing is owning a free Google My Business account. If the account already exists, click on the option that says “Claim this business” or “Own the business” and follow the prompts.

  1. Add Information to your GMB (Google My Business)

Log into the Google My Business account, and enter information like name, category, location, service area, phone number, hours, website link, product, services, and description.


  • Provide an accurate name and address,
  • Use a local area phone number and not a toll-free number,
  • Supply your primary and secondary phone numbers for call tracking (if applicable),
  • Update your closing and opening hours,
  • Write in a business description that portrays your brand,
  • Select the primary or secondary business category.
  1. Attaching Photos to Business Listings

Adding photos signals GE that your business is active and is worthy to rank you higher in results. The recent progressions in Google’s photo-recognition technology display your images in local search results. GE prioritizes consumer preferences, and consumers love photos. Try to upload high-quality pictures every day by clicking on the “Photos” tab present in Google My Business dashboard.

  1. Obtain Google Reviews

The creation of GE Maps business listings automatically opens up business for Google reviews. GE Maps gives higher rankings to business listings with more positive reviews.

  1. Regular Postings to Google Maps Business Listings

Publishing posts regularly on GE Maps signals your business is active, which is a factor for ranking in GE search results.

  1. Responsive Websites

A responsive website delivers consistent performance across all devices that boost your rankings at GE.

  1. Include Local Keywords to Your Site

Make sure to include location-based keywords to the home pages of your site and also to headings, body text, image tags, captions, and URLs. The keywords enhance the rankings on Google Maps in 2020.

  1. Embed Google Map to Your Website

The most significant way to rank higher on GE Maps is to embed a GE map on the contact us page. Make sure the same address exists on the GE Maps business listing.


The above-profiled information highlights the significant ways to rank higher on Google Maps in 2020. A reputed digital marketing agency is well aware of the techniques to boost your business rankings in Google My Business Listing.

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