If you’re doing business online, then optimizing your website for major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is all-important. Search engines are essentially the best place to reach new customers as they will help to enhance your online business.

Would you like to improve your website’s visibility? The most effective way to come up with the search engine’s results pages is by doing proper SEO. However, lots of half-truths exist about how to rank for keywords.

This is the guide that actually tells you how to rank for “how-to” keywords.

5 Simple steps to follow to rank your how-to keywords:

Make use of lists:

Make use of lists

The first technique you need to follow is using lists and explaining things in a step-by-step manner. Why? You’ve probably had some idea about how Google works and how the Google bots crawl your sites to rank up on the 1st page of Google. Besides, users also want posts that explain things in a clear way.

For example, if the query is “How to make a spinner”, then the article for that query should be explained in the form of lists. This is because this works as an indicator for both the search engines and the users as this is the post that resolves your problem by explaining things in a detailed manner. Furthermore, make use of the verbs at the start of the sentences.

Attractive Title that increases “CTR”:

The second technique is increasing the click-through-rate by adding some modifiers or including texts such as in x Steps/Minutes in the title. Make an attractive title that looks like for example “how to make a spinner in 5 simple steps”. This is because users always want to grab the tips in a short time and as well as they want to complete tasks fast. Hence, including words like fast, x minutes/seconds, x days, x numbers will help to rank better and get more clicks.

If you haven’t implemented this method yet, try it now and see the results. These types of titles attract users to click on your post and there may be chances for ranking high on the Google SERPs.

Explain things in multiple forms:

The third step for How to rank for “How-to” keywords are actually included user intent and focusing on different learning methods. What do you think about multiple learning methods? Do you think that solving various learning methods will work? If yes, you’re correct! Explaining things in the form of videos and step-by-step photos will help to attract more audiences. When it comes to “how-to” keywords, most of the users prefer videos to understand things even better. Do you want to miss those views? I hope you don’t want to make things worse. Hence, try to make a video of tips for “how to make a spinner in 5 easy steps” – video explained”. In this way, you can rank better and cover more users.

In addition to this, illustration or explaining the tips of “how to make a spinner” in the form of step-by-step photos will help some users who don’t or can’t watch the video at times.

Make your tips more visual:

As we all know that “A single picture is better than thousand words”. So, what should you do? Make use of the infographics to explain your tips in a visual way. People always would love to get useful information in an easy way. Hence, if you mention the useful tips for “how-to” keywords or titles in an attractive way by means of infographics designs, then it will get more clicks and shares.

Add a title to the list of steps:

Last but not least. The final tip for how to rank for “how-to” keywords lies in restating the title before listing out the simple steps. Do you think that this will be helpful for you in any way? Yes, definitely. Let’s see how.

For example, a user search query seems like “How to make Spinner”. How will the Google search results be for this query? Keep reading.

Assume that you’re a Google bot and you should crawl millions of web pages and display the relevant results to the users. Now, what you will do? You will crawl all the pages that are related to the query and it will be easy for you if the content having tips mentioned in the form of lists and before the lists, there is a title related to that, right.

This is the way that Google bot will crawl and display the results to the users. Hence, try to add a title that explains the steps listed before the lists. This will aid Google to list your page in the SERPs easily.



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