Do you want to increase traffic to your website and build authority for free? You heard it right, for free, and Quora Marketing is the bestowed solution today.

Before delving into the topic, an elemental comprehension of quora should be handy enough.

What is Quora?

It is a website where users post their queries and get answered by the community. Right now, it is an inevitable and trending Q&A site on the web, trusted by millions. The quora help to display professionalism, which attracts the target audience’s attention.

The article will help you explore the benefits it possesses.

Why Quora Marketing to Generate Traffic?

Why Quora Marketing to generate traffic

Escalates Referral Traffic for FREE

Referral traffic is where the users land on your website by clicking a link from another site. The best part is that you earn the referral traffic without spending a penny. The marketing tool helps you run ads that boost your traffic.

Quick and Best traffic-generating medium

It pumps out traffic right from the day of inception. The well-established way to do is by building a Quora ad campaign, which displays your brand name to users who ask about the relevant topics. A well-planned marketing approach increases your click rates by placing the content right in front of the appropriate audience.

Promote Content to the Targeted Audience

Whom do you want as your target audience? You can hit the bull’s eye target audience with content promotion. Viewing the “Stats and Log” on the ‘More’ menu while answering the question should help. It provides the details of when and who posted the query, which generates high-quality leads from Quora Marketing.

Supports Promotion of Different Content Formats

Quora allows you to place videos, images, social media handles, and other customized links to content in addition to text answers. It helps to promote GIFs, memes, infographics, and eBooks content to direct users.

Build Brand Authority

Deploy diverse content formats, and build a highly-authoritative profile, and providing the relevant answers through it helps establishes your brand authority. These processes take time to happen but give you the desired traffic results.

Grabs the Attention of Other Industry-specific People

It is a platform that helps display your proficiency via relevant and insightful answers that attract other industry specialists. The comment section can be a point of interaction between you and the other expert.

Ocean of Content Ideas

The frequent finding of fresh content ideas is challenging, and quora come to the rescue with its non-explored and endless stream of content ideas. For every post, a set of related questions generated might help out things for the upcoming blog posts. The keyword search bar also helps you find the next blog titles.

6 Steps to Follow to Procure Quora Traffic

Step 1: Choose the Right Areas of Interests

While creating your account, you need to enter the fields of interest that helps to find the relevant questions to be answered in the future. Choosing a minimum of ten topics is mandatory to complete the registration process.

Step 2: Create an Outstanding Profile Bio

A strong profile bio helps establish your presence, just like other social media marketing channels. Add in your details like name, profile photo, credentials, and description. The description is concise, simple, and impactful. Make sure to include the relevant links to your website.

If you work for a prominent company, then select the official quora “topic” for your company. It does not have a business page, and hence companies are treated as topics that the users follow and hold discussions around. The “Create topic” option helps to register the unregistered brand.

Step 3: Topic Creation for the Brand

The selected topic appears in the search suggestions section click on it to view the topic page. You can add an official photo, change the name, and manage the topic “aliases” merged with existing ones. The option is in the “Manage” section.

Step 4: Content Research

Perform research and select questions that have lots of followers with less matching answers around. Finding the right questions is an essential skill to be acquired for the effective use of Quora Marketing. The needed metrics are visible on the topic pages on your feed. The answer-follower ratio should be 1:5 to get a high percentage of votes.

Step 5: Create a Question that Develops into an Article

Plan and draft a high-quality content that answers the framed question. The step provides the users with valuable knowledge that positions your brand as a reliable source of information.

Step 6: Provide Professional Answers

Craft your content and then place the relevant links that blend in naturally. Professional answers earn you the desired exposure, votes, and traffic. Lastly, answer similar questions and provide the links to the website. Rephrase your sentences while answering each time.


The above-profiled information proves the significance of quora in modern society. A reputed digital marketing agency like Visual Kiwi is aware of the conventional Quora Marketing procedures for providing efficient Content Marketing services.

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