Seven out of ten among us love visual reading in which we prefer reading through infographics, charts, videos, presentations et al. Why because some of us do have perception knowledge while seeing any of the visual images which is an extraordinary sense like. And that is the reason why visual content is going viral with much demand in the present content marketing arena.

And next is the wide range of its shareability feature and supreme of lively engagement. Social Bakers (as Social Media Analytics Company) in its survey study in 2013 said that 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook were only images, infographics, charts, and slides. In which it was 85% in 2012 and for regular & common status updates received only about 3 percentages in 2013. And there are no remarks against why people love visual reading hence the power of engagement. Oracle Eloqua in its state of content marketing report quoted that there were 58% of responses for visual content which makes readers more engaging and trend influencing in the content strategy set up for the year. Though a constant and subsequent flow of visual content also requires some set of moderations in terms of upgradation both data-wise and design-wise.

Data is the fuel for the content in which it must be very unique, fresh, genuine, more attentive, & interesting and most importantly the data story must be very relevant to your brand and the business. And so you can try inculcating data that merges well with your brand values and strategic goals. And to help you handy, Visual Kiwi herein gives you easy ways to find awesome data for your charts, infographics, presentations, et al to spread your content more visually and vibrantly.

First Chart Down your Brand’s Data

Clouting down your company data, digging out your target audience’s information and demographics are in the frontlist of the chart for collecting data. Try uncovering the tips, techniques, and trends out of your niche industry and can be presented in a combined format. Not only in the visual content, but the same also can be used for your PR releases, marketing campaigns, blog postings, and social media updates for the relevancy for the more viral image.

And try publicizing immediately as hot news, and flashes on your events, launches, memorandum of understandings if any et al for the maximum amount of reach at your audience ends with more viral value.

Sponsor your Own Survey

When you have the capability, why giving an opportunity for third parties to run surveys or study reports? Just kick away your own vehicle of conducting and promoting the surveys for your brand exposure. Think of yourself as the market leader and trendsetter for your brand. Though it is a high-priced job of yielding survey data from video, charts, infographics et al, it prompts for highlighting text-based posts, presentations, and whitepapers.

Sponsor your Own Survey

And there also another option for small-scale companies that you can do a brief, a set of 10 questions by getting at least a set of 100 responses by taking help from several free tools. Say for Survey Monkey as the one on leading lists. Such a DIY approach towards retrieving data for your visual content collaterals may take much time for getting leads in allowing response, calculation, and analysis and henceforth plan and perform accordingly.

Seek for a Partner

Before getting into extended research to yield data for your visual masterpieces, seek for the right partner to drive down into a possible memorandum of understanding even. When a got a partner of the same sequence, that would save your market downtime with cutting down of production cost. And almost such a co-branding drives an extra piece of rail for your brand with maximum publishing and distribution capability. And please be very careful while picking your partner, in which hooking your logo with some wrong brand will eat your brand’s reputation.

And once after signing with the right partner make sure to be involved in all the phases right from initial discussion, brainstorming session, mock-up design preparation, proofreading, and final approval.

Give Importance to Government Data too

You know that demographics are one of the important areas where government data abound a lot more. Often government releases data that set good offers with ultimate data reliability with no cost and effort along with research execution. And so please do not neglect data and any set of information being released out by the local and national governments, in which though you are at private sector it would be more helpful to publicize your brand.

Open Your Social Media Boxes

Just dive into the social media channels to see to the dashboards and pages of Mention, Google Trends et al and hear on what pubic and your target crew actually talks. Analyze in-depth and try reading out the basis for enhancing the visual content. In principle, social media channels provide an insight feature for providing the most popular concepts with the capability of driving attention for more social realms. In addition, you can try finding data for your visual content from such images, memes et al that bring in the highest number of likes and shares.

Apart from focussing on your brand relevant pages, you can also try seeing other trend-setting pages for more exposure by means of social media goodwill. Act smartly with simple graphics with in-depth factual data initially and tread your content with proper copyright protection carefully.

Back-up with Old Content

Have you ever done with visual content in earlier times? Well, always have the habit of tracking back-up with some cloud options. In which out of those, you can try recollecting older trend set-ups, which could be of seasonal layouts, themes, layouts, cheat sheets et al for impressing visuals. Listen to that, it is not that you are going with only old ready-made, but then just reminiscing for inspirations.

Bottom line

Apart from the above paragraphs, take help from tools that include but not just limited to Statista, Knoema, Google Public Data, Gapminder, Gallup, DataMarket, Freebase et al to collect valuable data for your visual content.



Published On: February 8th, 2021 / Categories: Content Marketing /

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